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The 2nd EV Charging Infrastructure & Grid Integration Summit will take place in London, 18-19 January 2012.

EV Charging

The summit will be a global multi-stakeholder summit bringing together leading utilities, vehicle manufacturers, distribution system operators, standardisation bodies and regulators from Europe and Asia.   They will provide the latest business models for infrastructure investment and mobility services, case studies of successful E-Mobility projects and consumer behavioural studies, and provide the latest technological advances in fast-charging, smart-metering and ancillary systems.

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The 5th EV Battery Tech Global Cost Reduction Initiative will take place in London, 28-29 February 2012.

EV Battery

The Initiative will focus on Introducing A View Towards 2020: Analysing The Latest Technological & Cost Developments To Guide Future Adoption Of Current & Future Generation Electric Vehicles.

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