Senior Decision Makers From The Following Industries:

  • Electricity Utilities
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • National Governments
  • The European Commission
  • Standardisation Bodies

With The Following Job Titles:

  • Managing Director
  • Vice President EV Strategy
  • Vice President of R&D
  • Vice President of EV Services
  • Director Network Development
  • Director R&D
  • Director of Strategy & Innovation
  • Director of EV Implementation
  • Director Network Development
  • Technical Director
  • Chief Research Officer
  • Head of Technical Services
  • Head of Asset Management
  • Head of Innovation
  • Head of Strategy
  • Head of Network Development
  • Head of DSM
  • Head of Energy Services
  • Head of Energy Efficiency
  • Head of E-Mobility
  • Program Director Electric Vehicles
  • Program Manager Electric Vehicles
  • Project Manager Electric Vehicles
  • Project Leader Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Projects Manager
  • Manager of Product Development
  • Technology Manager
  • Corporate Developer

Plus Senior Representatives From:

  • Battery Developers
  • Charging Station Developers
  • Communication Protocol Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Charging Infrastructure Suppliers
  • National Car Park Operators


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"Very good presentations and great speakers, I have gained a real understanding of what is available in the industry, the drawbacks and the...


The First Electric Vehicle Event to Focus Specifically on the Charging Infrastructure

  • Met, learnt from and consulted with electric vehicle 
manufacturers regarding their forecasts for electric vehicle roll outs
and customer uptake
  • Heard how regulatory bodies are financially incentivising EV charging infrastructure growth throughout Europe
  • Influenced the future actions and role the EU will have towards 
supporting the private sector and growth of EV charging infrastructure 
making it commercially viable
  • Found out what developments are being made with fast charging 
and how battery developments will accelerate the growth of fast charging
  • Understood what developments are being made to make
 vehicle-to-grid a commercially viable solution for levelling out load 
  • Learnt what advancements are being made to produce a single 
standardisation for communication protocols and plug and socket
  • Gained an understanding how smart metering technologies can help with load 
levelling of electric vehicles
  • Gained a consensus of the roles and responsibilities for the 
investment, management and operation of EV charging infrastructure
  • Found out projected charging patterns, behaviours and attitudes of electric
 vehicle users to determine which charging regimes customers are likely
to adopt