Senior Decision Makers From The Following Industries:

  • Electricity Utilities
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • National Governments
  • The European Commission
  • Standardisation Bodies

With The Following Job Titles:

  • Managing Director
  • Vice President EV Strategy
  • Vice President of R&D
  • Vice President of EV Services
  • Director Network Development
  • Director R&D
  • Director of Strategy & Innovation
  • Director of EV Implementation
  • Director Network Development
  • Technical Director
  • Chief Research Officer
  • Head of Technical Services
  • Head of Asset Management
  • Head of Innovation
  • Head of Strategy
  • Head of Network Development
  • Head of DSM
  • Head of Energy Services
  • Head of Energy Efficiency
  • Head of E-Mobility
  • Program Director Electric Vehicles
  • Program Manager Electric Vehicles
  • Project Manager Electric Vehicles
  • Project Leader Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Projects Manager
  • Manager of Product Development
  • Technology Manager
  • Corporate Developer

Plus Senior Representatives From:

  • Battery Developers
  • Charging Station Developers
  • Communication Protocol Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Charging Infrastructure Suppliers
  • National Car Park Operators

Peter van der Sluijs

Program Manager Electric Transport


Graduated in 1996 at the Delft University of Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Started at KEMA on reliability calculation for dutch distribution grids.
Switched in 1997 to Nuon, division Infrastructure. Here I designed the grid expansion and prepared the large scale rollout of 20kV in Flevoland to connect large numbers of windturbines and CHP’s for greenhouses.

Peter van der Sluijs

In 2002 a switch was made towards trend analysis and forecasting in onder to prepare the grid in time for new developments.

After finising a MBA in 2006 got involved in regulatory affairs before becoming program manager for Electric Transport in 2008.

As programmanager all aspects of electric vehicles that relate to electric vehicles are coordinated by me. These include among others:

  • (Re)introducing electric vehicles in our own fleet
  • Joint programs with others for the rollout of chargepoints in the public space
  • Standards and innovations on how to connect and measure chargepoints.
  • Developing a future market model for charging and billing users
  • Helping other parties to drive electric

Galve Energy

"The conference was very professional in all terms and it offered a lot of views from many different countries."


The First Electric Vehicle Event to Focus Specifically on the Charging Infrastructure

  • Met, learnt from and consulted with electric vehicle 
manufacturers regarding their forecasts for electric vehicle roll outs
and customer uptake
  • Heard how regulatory bodies are financially incentivising EV charging infrastructure growth throughout Europe
  • Influenced the future actions and role the EU will have towards 
supporting the private sector and growth of EV charging infrastructure 
making it commercially viable
  • Found out what developments are being made with fast charging 
and how battery developments will accelerate the growth of fast charging
  • Understood what developments are being made to make
 vehicle-to-grid a commercially viable solution for levelling out load 
  • Learnt what advancements are being made to produce a single 
standardisation for communication protocols and plug and socket
  • Gained an understanding how smart metering technologies can help with load 
levelling of electric vehicles
  • Gained a consensus of the roles and responsibilities for the 
investment, management and operation of EV charging infrastructure
  • Found out projected charging patterns, behaviours and attitudes of electric
 vehicle users to determine which charging regimes customers are likely
to adopt