Cyriacus Bleijs

Technical Director Electric Transportation & Vehicle Division


Cyriacus Bleijs has been actively working in the domain of the electric vehicle ever since he joined EDF as technical manager of the EDF EV research project in 1990. At that time he was also responsible for the EV test laboratory for testing of infrastructure and electric vehicles. Since that time he has always been closely associated with all development and standardization work on electric vehicles and accompanied the first period of experimentation of electric vehicles during the 1990s. That period saw the deployment of 7000 EVs in France with a total of 1500 EVs in the EDF fleet.

Cyriacus Blejis

He was directly responsible for the development of infrastructure that was deployed in all the main cities in France and prepared the second generation of charging spots that are now installed in Paris. He also conceived and developed the low-cost PLC charging system that is a precursor of the system presently tested in the Strasbourg EV experiment and serves as one example for the work carried out in the IEC/ISO joint working group on communications.


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